Sales And Marketing of Telecom Products
Extending, Converting & Converging Network Access Equipment:
Patton Electronics range of telecom equipment required for extending, converging network solutions including multi media access, IP Routers, DSL Aggregators(DSLAM), Remote Access Servers, Cross Connects, VOIP/TOIP, Ethernet Extenders, DSL CPE, NTUs, CSU/DSUs, IAD?s, G.703 Converters, WAN and VPN Routers.
  Patton receives INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award  
DC Power Solutions:
  SMR ( Switch Mode Rectifiers) and Battery Banks
  Enatel Newzeland manufactures full range of switch mode rectifier?s chargers.
Power Distribution System:
Hendry USA/Telect UK manufactured high power and high current GMT intermediate KTK/KLM series, fuse panels, Circuit Breaker panels & other power accessories.
  GMT Fuse Panels, 20A Fuse Max.
Optical Fiber Cable:
YOFC and GYTS china manufactures world class optical fibre cable in all range of specifications and standards.
Optical Fiber Accessories:
Telect, UK and Litch Malaysia manufactures full range of optical fiber connectors, components, tools, test equipments and accessories, including ODF, joint enclosures, splicers and optic converters.
  Wall-Mount Optical Patch Panels Fiber Closure Inline OFC-IM3A-24 <br> LTOC-OFC-IM-3A-24  
Smart Card:
SMTCC, China made low cost, high quality and versatile telecom cards including SIM cards, scratch cards & PVC cards for cellular, fixed and other networks including banks etc.
BTS OutDoor Communication Cabinet:
Potevio China Made Outdoor Communication Cabinet Solutions equipped with alarm devices, MDF/DDF/ODF/19?? units, Heat Exchanger & Cooling Systems for BTS, Broadband Access, and power Equipment.
Microwave Link Outdoor Cabinet:
Myson & Sabro?s locally fabricated communication cabinets equipped with alarm device, Rectifier / Charger, 19?? rack and cooling systems for Microwave and Broadband Access equipment.
MW Antenna Wind Support Kit, GSM Antenna Diversity Frames & Antenna Mounting Poles:
Locally Fabricated mounting supports, 19?? rack and antenna wind kit for all types of MW Antennas, Diversity Frames for GSM Antennas and wireless equipment applications.
Test Equipments:
Complete range of Telecom Test Equipments (Cellular & Optical).
  FPM-300 Optical Power Metal <br> FPM-300  
Installation Material:
Complete range of Installation Related Materials for GSM/CDMA Networks.