Myson has partnered with GSI Labs to provide complete monitoring solutions with a strong local & international support team.

GSI Labs (USA): Leaders in providing state of the art Monitoring Solutions for Telecom Operators to successfully install/maintain & operate Cellular Networks.

Salient Features of Monitoring Solution
  • Easy Alarm: Monitors and reports on network and system wide health
  • Easy Export: Saves filtered data to a standard delimited file for parsing of important data parameters
  • Easy Express: A file manager used for archival, deleting, FTP scheduling and sending of data
  • Easy Generator: An SMPP simulator for testing and load analysis purposes
  • Easy Loader: A program to load files into a  database for further information processing
  • Easy Merge: Combines traffic from EASyServers while allowing multiple EASyViewers to access
  • Easy Notifier: Sends SMS to customers for collections & sales
  • Easy Query: Great web-based query engine to create EASyReports from the EASyWarehouse
  • East Report: Delivers extensive analysis reports to a standard web browser
  • Easy Sniffer: Listens for and captures IP packets with embedded messaging data
  • Easy Stats: Real-time statistics for monitoring overall network health
  • Easy Store: Connects via T1, HSL or v.35 to SS7 links and processes the SS7 data
  • Easy Updater: Automatically updates roaming databases and SIM cards on customer's phones
  • Easy Vault: Connects via TCP/IP to SS7 nodes and processes the SS7 data
  • Easy Viewer: Filters, decodes, and displays a large variety of network protocol messages.
  • Easy Warehouse: Powerful system for storing, retrieving & managing large amounts of network data.