Myson is proud to join hands with Actix to offer an Automatic Radio Optimization Services to Cellular Operators.

ACTIX: The leader in Wireless Performance Engineering. Founded in 1991 with more than 400+ Customers globally.

With Myson Experience in the field of telecommunication services & Actix expertise in wireless network performance solutions, we strongly believe that we have the right combination to fulfill all sorts of customer?s requirements when it comes to achieving efficiency with Performance Engineering & Optimization Process Automation.

Solution Offers:
  • The GSM Design is optimized to Maximize COVERAGE and minimize Interference at Minimum COST
  • Reconfiguration of Antenna Tilts, Azimuths, types without adding or removing sites or cells
  • Optimize Frequency Plans which improves the trade off between Network Quality & Capacity
  • Derive greater performance value from your existing network
  • Balance infrastructure investment with network performance