About Us

With our comprehensive solutions, technological expertise and proven methodology, Myson has been consistently delivering reliable and innovative solutions to leading Telecom Vendors & Operators around the Globe since 1992. In its ambit, Myson holds experience of diverse technologies from all major vendors in the industry.

The group, Myson, is involved in a diversified range of business activities in a number of different markets. From the outset The Group has dynamic entrepreneurial leadership which strive for excellence and services beyond its customer’s expectation and today it has the following business domains working independently under the parent company

Our Services

Our Groth directly reflects the quality of placenents and the high client Satisfaction ratings examplified by levels of repeat buisness. Myson has evolved into a Trusted & qualified supplier to have demonstrable qualities as a supplier to up stream, midstream & downstream market.

  • Piping / Pipeline / Procurement

  • Quality Assurance/Control

  • Project Management

  • Contract & Documentation

  • Safety s/ HSE / Environment

Our Products

Our products are engineered for harsh environments, high performance and ease of installation.

Oil & Gas Sector

Using Our Extensive technology resources & working closely with each coustomer MYSON delivers cost effective, tailored solution to meet a wide varity of needs.

Enhanced Hydrocarbone delivery & Quality:

Highly effective production s enhanced by a mission-critical communications network that supports a real-time workflows and processes, better compliance and energy management, as well as a remote monitorig, diagnostics, upgrade and maintenance when needed.

Improved Operations and Living:

Richm uniquitous connectivity and communications increase the volume of shared data among all field personal, forstering critical time and cost reductions though streamlined processes, maintenance and operations, while linking remote oil and gas sites to the outside world.

Superior Safety and security:

Reliable and secure voice and data communications support end-to-end security system that fully protect the workforce and assets with additional checkpoints, measurements, monitoring, control and environment awareness.

Our Trusted Clients

We have worked with local and global organizations, building strong relationships and an outstanding reputation with a number of our major clients. Through our strategic relationships with reliable partners, we have been able to provide for our clients quality work on an ongoing basis..

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